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Heather Johnson Beary

• Testimonials •

Heather Johnson Beary’s bronze sculptures of desert animals are a wonderful addition to the Phoenix Airport Museum’s art collection.  The rattlesnake, tortoises and lizards are a great introduction to the traveling public of Arizona wildlife.

Gary Martelli, Arts Specialist, Phoenix Airport Museum

"Joan and I have been collecting sculpture artist Heather Beary‘s work since 2004. We love her whimsical piece ‘Touch and Go‘-Heather catches the surprise of the frog/dragonfly encounter, and you can‘t help smiling. Her sculptures truly honor their subjects, and capture their beauty with a grace and sensitivity that bring great warmth to our home. We‘ve just added her large dragonfly, ‘Mirage‘ to our collection, and are still counting the hidden ladybugs and lizards."

Sir Richard Branson, Founder, Virgin Corp

"I saw my first sculpture by Heather Johnson Beary in 2007. My husband and I had just moved to Prescott, and while exploring our new town, I walked into one of the major art galleries on Whiskey Row. When I entered the gallery, the first thing I saw was Heather's HUGE, monument-sized bronze of a giant collared lizard. I immediately fell in love with it… studied it from stem to stern, and found myself smiling, and then laughing out loud at the little ‘surprises’ embedded in the sculpture. That was my first introduction to Heather's artistry and vision. I now own eight of her pieces (not the giant, monument-sized lizard, darn it), and I adore each one. Her work has strength, power, whimsy, technical brilliance, and you can tell that each piece comes from her heart. I'm sure there will be more HJB pieces in my future. Now if I can just find some place for the giant collared lizard…"

Toni Tennille, of The Captain and Tennille

"Heather's work is engaging, inspirational, and magical. Her 'Equipoise' piece at the Highlands Center for Natural History continues to amaze, inform, and delight – young and old alike. It's an honor to have an architectural work of our own, graced with a Heather J Beary sculpture. Thank you Heather!"

Matt Ackerman, LEED-AP AIA, Principal, Catalyst Architecture, LLC

"I had a wonderful time working with Heather. We collaborated well and she listened to my ideas for change. The result is a beautiful statue that captured Dewey's essence completely. Visitors from around the world love the statue and remark about how much it looks like Dewey. I am struck every time I see it by how much it looks like my little buddy. His head is getting very shiny from all the petting he receives. Heather is a real artist who has mastered her craft."

Vicki Myron, Author, DEWEY - The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World

"Heather, at my request created a small bronze sculpture of one of our authors; it is a marvelous work of art and has received many compliments."

Gibbs M. Smith, Founder & President, Gibbs Smith, Publisher

"Working with Heather was a joy from start to finish. She was able to turn a vaguely worded concept into a three-dimensional piece that, even as a raw clay ‘sketch,’ exceeded my imagination. Heather shared every critical point in the process with us, and solicited and happily incorporated input. The end result came in on time and on budget, and has delighted library visitors, old and young, ever since. It is rare to enter the library and not see a child or teen sitting in the lizard´s lap, or a tourist snapping a shot to post on Facebook."

Toni Kaus, Director of Prescott Public Library, Prescott, AZ

"Heather's bronze sculpture of the ‘super-size’ collared lizard in front of our Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument is our key icon. People love the sculpture, taking it with them in photographs and memories, and hopefully encouraging them to learn more, appreciate, and protect our American public wildlife and landscapes.

Heather was a true professional throughout the process - from planning and design - including painstakingly accurate biological details - to being on time and on budget. She even left our visitor center with a photographic journal of her clay sculpting and bronze casting process; this has been so fascinating to our staff and visitors over the years!

Thank you Heather!"

Carolyn Z. Shelton, Assistant Monument Manager Science & Visitor Services Division BLM Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

"It was important for us to find just the right fit in an artist. After meeting Heather we knew our search was over! Heather captured perfectly our desire to bring recognition to the gift and the giver within our beautiful new facility. Her level of commitment and dedication to this project was exceptional. Her work is a masterpiece giving attention to each detail and creating a breathtaking likeness of Ray and Joan Kroc.

It is the Hallmark of our facility! The stamp of excellence! Thank you, Heather!!"

Major Denise Hawk, Phoenix South Mountain Kroc Corps, Phoenix, AZ